Afghanistan – AAR JAPAN Produced Educational Film on Landmine Avoidance for Women

At the end of January 2011, AAR JAPAN completed an educational film for women on landmine-accident avoidance. In development since August 2010, the film was officially authorized by the Afghan government and the Mine Action Coordination Centre of Afghanistan (MACCA) as an educational resource for use in schools all over the country. The film will be used not only by AAR JAPAN, but also by other NGOs that have been providing education on landmine-accident avoidance, and it will be broadcast nationwide on state-run television.

The film starts with a mother and her daughter finding a landmine on their way to the river to wash clothes. The film aims to convey accurate information about landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO), as well as establish the importance of women receiving education on landmine-accident avoidance.

Women account for only 10% of the victims of landmine accidents in Afghanistan, but as women play a crucial role in passing knowledge and traditions to their children at home, AAR JAPAN aims to reinforce education for women on this crucial issue. Taking into consideration a prevailing local culture that discourages women from going out or receiving education, AAR JAPAN hopes to make use of the film to provide education on landmine-accident avoidance as effectively as possible. 

Students in the lower grades of a primary school in Kabul perform in the film.

AAR JAPAN staff observe the film shooting.

(Reporter) Yasuyuki KAWANABE, AAR JAPAN Tokyo office
After graduation from university, he worked at a travel company, conducting tours to about 50 countries as an attendant. He has been working in the overseas division of AAR JAPAN’s Tokyo office since June 2010. (Born in Chiba Prefecture) (Profile at the time of posting of this article)