Pakistan – AAR JAPAN Provides Desks, Chairs, and Learning Materials for Schools Affected by the 2010 Floods

1,500 Students Start a New Semester

AAR JAPAN has been offering food, daily necessities, and medical assistance to people affected by the 2010 Pakistan floods. In December 2010, we broadened our support to include educational facilities in the affected areas. In Noushera district, Kyber Pakhtunkhwa, which suffered heavy damage from the floods, AAR JAPAN cleaned and repaired buildings and provided desks, chairs, and learning materials at 10 schools, including 8 public elementary schools, a refugee camp school, and a special school for children with disabilities. Our support enabled 1,500 children to start their new semester in March.

Ryo YAMAURA of AAR JAPAN’s Islamabad office (top left) delivers Lego blocks to a special school for children with disabilities. Lego blocks are used in the treatment of children with developmental disorders. (April 2011)

A pile of desks and chairs destroyed by the floods. (January 2011)

Students at Government Primary School Zakhi Miana sit in front of desks provided by AAR JAPAN. “We’re happy to be able to study again,” they tell us. Fourth from right is Hassan, AAR JAPAN local staff. (April 2011)

AAR JAPAN Initiates Aid Activities for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

Many of those who fled conflict in Afghanistan or on the Afghan border have been living in the Noushera and Peshawar regions of northwestern Pakistan. AAR JAPAN has initiated aid for Afghan refugees, Pakistani IDPs, and the regional communities that have taken them in. Our aid activities include educational support, such as the reconstruction and repair of schools destroyed in regional conflicts, provision of medical equipment such as X-ray and cardiograph machines for hospitals, and building water supply facilities in refugee camps and neighboring areas.

Kiyoto ONISHI of AAR JAPAN’s Tokyo office (orange shirt) examines a water supply facility in the Heshiki refugee camp. (March 2011)

                                                                    Rie MATSUMOTO, AAR JAPAN’s Islamabad office
After graduation from university, she worked at a travel company and joined AAR JAPAN in April, 2004. She worked at AAR’s Tokyo Headquarters in charge of aid activities for persons with disabilities in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Cambodia. She was also involved in emergency assistance in Sumatra and Haiti. She represents Islamabad office since December 2010