Donation from UBS Stock Corporation

UBS-Tokyo-Chiyoda-ward Branch, made a charitable donation of JPY 1,053,000 to advance reconstruction of the prefecture of Fukushima where the Great East Japan Earthquake caused catastrophic damages.  The donation was a collection of each individual giving from employees and customers of the company.  Since the immediate aftermath of the Earthquake in 2011, UBS has been a consistent supporter of the reconstruction/rebuilding work in the affected areas.


Let’s make Turkish dishes and communicate with Syrian people!

NGO AAR Japan Fundraising Volunteer Team FUNVO
Turn Your Interest toward international cooperation
Let’s make Turkish dishes and communicate with Syrian people!
What is FUNVO? We are the volunteering team of the international NGO, AAR Japan! We provide you with the opportunity to contribute to international cooperation whilst also having fun!
DATEWednesday December 23rd, 2015
Morning Session 10:30am-1:00pm (Doors open at 10am)
Afternoon Session 2:00pm-4:00pm (Doors open at 1:30pm)
Place Meguro Citizens Center, Society Education Building 8, Room 5
Meguro 2-4-36     10minutes by walk from JR/Underground Meguro Station

Morning Session Lets make Turkish Dishes-
Up to 20 people(FCFS)
Lets make Turkish food with AAR staff who are engaged in AARs relief activity for Syrian refugees in Turkey. This time we will cook stew and pilaf, which can be easily made at home after this event as well. Both kids and adults can enjoy the event! J Through cooking, you can be exposed to Turkish culture!
What to bring: Apron, bandana, handkerchief
Afternoon Session - Letget in touch with Syrian culture!-
Up tp 30 peopleFCFS
How well do you know Syrian culture? In the afternoon session, you can communicate directly with Syrian people. There will be an Oud performance and Syrian staff will show you Arabic calligraphy demonstration :D You can also use this rare opportunity to learn about the Syrian situation and AARs activities in Turkey.

Attendance fee
Morning only :3,000yen (2,000yen for students・1,000yen for elementary school students and under 
Afternoon only :1,500yen1,000yen for students For free elementary school students and under 
Full day4,000yen(3000yen for students・1,000yen for elementary school students and under

REGISTRATION & INQUIRYKinoshita, Matsumoto
                                TEL +81-3-5423-4511 or send us your name, adress, and phone number to aarj @ aarjapan.gr.jp


Nepal: Providing a safe environment where children can study at ease

Dhading District, located west of the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, was devastated 5 months ago when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook the country with unimaginable power.  Dhading District was hard-hit by the disaster with many buildings destroyed or damaged, including school buildings, and is now lacking in classrooms.  A number of schools have continued to operate after removing the damaged walls, but the environment is still much too dangerous for children to be studying in.  Therefore, for the next 10 years, AAR Japan will build temporary learning centers with steel beams, brick walls, and tin roofing as an initiative in working toward the goal of supplying usable classrooms for Dhading District.

A classroom where the damaged walls have been removed and the thin pillars are exposed.  Classes were being conducted in this dangerous environment.  (All photos are from Dhading District, Nepal, August 25th, 2015)


Pakistan: Relief Efforts in the Flood-Stricken Area Provision of Tents to 17 Schools as Temporary Classrooms for Children to Learn in a Safe Environment

Provision of tents so that children can safely lead their school lives in the new school term

Since July this year, Pakistan has suffered massive and extensive flooding, which has inflicted a great deal of damage affecting 1.6 million victims nationwide. In response to a request by the District Education Office of Layyah District in Punjab Province, one of the most seriously damaged areas, AAR Japan provided 17 schools with 40 large temporary tents that can serve as safe learning venues for children.

The floods affected 460,000 victims in Punjab Province, damaged or destroyed as many as 17,000 houses and damaged or submerged quite a lot of schools. In mid-August, when the new school term started, some schools had to continue their lessons in school buildings that had cracks in the walls and pillars, while others conducted classes outdoors where students sat on mats spread under the scorching sun with temperatures as high as 40℃. Responding to such pitiable situations, AAR Japan, in consultation with the District Education Office, identified 17 schools that had not received enough aid and provided them with large temporary tents, each of which can accommodate approximately 40 children. 

Children in front of the completed temporary tent
.They have been eagerly awaiting its completion.
(Layyah District, Punjab Province, September 11, 2015)

New learning centers give children a safe place to study after Nepal quake

This story was first published on Rescue.org by the International Rescue Committee on Sep. 30, 2015

Children whose clasrooms were damaged by the powerful earthquake that struck Nepal in April
 are now heading to class in new learning centers built by IRC partner AAR Japan,
which also provided school uniforms and school supplies. Photo: AAR Japan


Floods in Kanto and Tohoku Regions: September 15th Activity Report

As of today, AAR Japan distributed long-life bread for 300 evacuees at the Regional Exchange Center (Toyoda Castle), which is currently used as an evacuation center.

While only few evacuees stay in the evacuation center during daytime, many of them come to receive food at night. Even those who decided to stay home cannot cook at home, as their houses had been inundated and covered by mud. Moreover, AAR Japan distributed additional anti-dust masks, as they are indispensable for those evacuees who are working hard during daytime to remove heavy mud from their houses.

AAR Japan is determined to continue its aid activities in cooperation with the affected communities.
Your donation will make a change.

The evacuation center’s manager with AAR Japan president, Yukie Osa,
who is originally from the city of Joso. (September 15th, 2015)


September 14 Aid Activity Report—distribution of aid materials such as anti-dust masks

AAR Japan continues its support for those who were severely affected by bank-bursting floods from Kinugawa River in the City of Joso, Ibaraki, in cooperation with a local non-profit organization, Ibaraki NPO Center Commons.

As of today, September 14th, AAR Japan distributed portable toilets usable for 2000 times. Other distributed materials include 1,400 anti-dust masks, 240 pairs of gloves, towels and wet wipes. While some large evacuation centers have sufficient aid materials, such materials in other smaller evacuation centers and volunteer hubs remain severely deficient. AAR Japan is determined to continue its aid activities in cooperation with local people.

We are most grateful for your kind support.

Aid materials such as anti-dust masks and gloves distributed
 through an local NPO (September 14th, 2015)