Two Weeks of Relief in Number

Summing Up AAR JAPAN’s Initial Actions

AAR JAPAN tries to respond to desperate calls for assistance (Sopana HAGIWARA, left, in Kaminoyama, Yamagata Prefecture)

AAR JAPAN started its operations of delivering emergency relief items to the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake, on Monday, March 14.  A total of 13 staff members have been dispatched to the calamity-stricken area.  From an interim office which has been set up in Sendai City, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, AAR JAPAN’s Emergency Relief Teams have already visited 82 locations as of Saturday, March 26, where a total of 15,000 survivors are taking refuge, and distributed items listed below.  A number of local volunteers kindly assisted the delivery.  On Saturday, AAR JAPAN’s truck carried a load of relief items to the Emergency Headquarters of Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture, a community where a score of residents of Minami-Soma City are staying, who were forced to vacate their hometown to avoid effects of the crippled nuclear power plant.

Relief Items Distributed between March 13 and 26

-Diesel oil            13,600 liters
-Kerosene            4,400 liters
-Gasoline             537 liters
-Potable water     11 tons
-Rice                    2 tons
-Oranges             2 tons
-Bananas            6,300 pieces
-Nutrition supplements    3,600 pieces
-Sweet-bean cake              20,000 pieces
-Blankets            1,000 sheets
-Sleeping bags    3,400 units
-Underwear/clothes          20,000 pieces
-Masks                5,600 pieces
-Hand warmers  5,000 pieces
-Medicine            60 packages
-Paper diapers    52,000 packages
-Sanitary items for ladies 13,000 packages
-Batteries            80 cartons
-Baby products (baby food, utensils, baby bottles, pacifiers, baby slings, etc.)
-Miscellaneous (towels, portable radios, portable stoves, gloves, tissue paper, stationary, etc.)

In some parts of the wide-spread afflicted area, reconstruction works are already under way and a flood of relief items from every corner of the country and around the world have started to arrive in the region.  However there still remain thousands of people who are still trapped at emergency phase, including the aged, people with disabilities, or those who have little access to big refuge centers, where most of the reliefs items accumulate.  AAR JAPAN will continue to pick up the needs of such people who often do not come into the picture of major disaster relief operations, left unnoticed by local administrations.

AAR JAPAN would like to express sincere gratitude toward enormous support it has received so far from countless individuals, companies and organizations both domestically and overseas.