1500 Happy Smiles at Soup Kitchens!

Tuna Fish and Steaks for 1500 People!

In cooperation with the Peace Project, AAR JAPAN started organizing soup kitchens on March 31st, and has provided about 20,000 meals at about 50 places so far.

On July 3rd, AAR JAPAN prepared Tuna fish sashimi (sliced raw fish), beef steak, shaved ice and grilled corn at the event held at Nigiwai public square in front of Ishinomaki station in Ishinomaki City of Miyagi Prefecture.

At the event, “Masked Rider” show and the distribution of cosmetics also contributed to create an atmosphere of summer festival which excited the participants from children to the elderly.

There was an endless queue for soup kitchens and 1500 meals were consumed very quickly.

Many people were pleased and said, “It’s been a while since I had fish and meat. I’m really satisfied!” Mr. Sato, a strolling musician who joined the soup kitchen as a staff, sang songs while people were waiting for meals to be served. They were listening attentively to his professional singing voice.

July 3rd – Yoko KUNIHISA, AAR JAPAN, distributes grilled corn and shaved ice. (Ishinomaki City)

Shaved ice by 8-year-old boy gained much popularity!

Shaved ice won great popularity, with people saying “The ice is fluffy! It’s really delicious!” In fact, it was prepared by 8-year-old boy who have been living as an evacuee in Ishinomaki City. Seeing us busily shaving ice, the boy got interested and came to our tent to offer his help.

Although being surprised by the sudden offer at first, we decided to let him prepare shaved ice, which turned out to gain great popularity. Some elderly people even asked for a second helping of it. The boy was glad to see everyone’s happy faces and kept shaving ice, being patient and not eating it for himself. In the end, he went back with a satisfactory smile.

On that day in early summer, we were met with many bright smiles. AAR JAPAN will continue our aid activities to bring smiles on the faces of as many people as possible.

July 3rd – An 8-year-old boy who has been living as an evacuee in Ishinomaki City helped shaving ice. (Ishinomaki City)

July 3rd – Children were busy eating colorful shaved ice. (Ishinomaki City)

July 3rd – Hot steak was juicy and tender, popular to many people. (Ishinomaki City)

July 3rd – For living in a seaside town, people really liked sashimi, saying “It’s really delicious!” (Ishinomaki City)

July 3rd – Besides the soup kitchen, AAR JAPAN distributed sneakers and Sunny-chan tote bags. 500 tote bags were given in no time. (Ishinomaki City)