Relief Supplies Delivered to Families in Temporary Housing and Leased Housing in Fukushima

Relief Supplies Delivered to Roughly 17,500 Families
People in Fukushima Prefecture suffered not only from the March 11th Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, but also from the resulting disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, with many survivors losing both their jobs and homes as they were forced to evacuate. Through funding from Japan Platform, and in cooperation with ADRA Japan, AAR JAPAN has begun to deliver relief supplies to the estimated 35,000 families living in temporary housing and leased housing in Fukushima.

             AAR JAPAN has offered aid to 13 municipalities. With about 17,500 families in the area, this represents half of the affected municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture
After the earthquake, AAR JAPAN delivered washing machines and driers for use in evacuation centers, as well as food, fuel, and bicycles in Soma City, Minami-soma City, and Shinchi Town in Fukushima Prefecture. In the course of our work, we received requests for aid to families living in temporary and leased housing from both the Fukushima Disaster Countermeasures Office and from the municipalities themselves. As a result, AAR JAPAN has offered aid to roughly 17,500 families in 13 municipalities, representing half of the affected municipalities in Fukushima.
AAR JAPAN is distributing household goods to complement the sets of 6 home appliances—such as washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions—that the Japanese Red Cross Society has offered to deliver in the affected areas. To contribute to regional economic recovery, AAR JAPAN is collaborating with local stores and the local Commerce and Industry Association to procure supplies. AAR JAPAN staff has visited each municipality to aid in coordination and reduce the workload on local municipal staff. AAR JAPAN plans to hire staff in the affected areas for procurement and delivery as well.
New Life After Evacuation Centers

        At the Tomioka Town Disaster Countermeasures Office, located at Big Pallette Fukushima in Kooriyama City. From right: Mr. Hiromichi WATANABE from the Disaster Countermeasures Office, Mr. Daigo TAKAGI from AAR JAPAN, Mr. Yoshito SAKAMOTO and Mr. Naohisa NAKAYAMA from the Tomioka Town Commerce and Industry Association.

The town of Tomioka was devastated by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.  Located within 20 km of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, all of the town’s residents were forced to evacuate with the Tomioka governmental office, taking shelter in the event space in Kooriyama City. In the middle of June, evacuees began to move into roughly 1,500 temporary housing units that have been built in Kooriyama City, Miharu Town, Ootama Village, and other areas.

Mr. Hiromichi WATANABE of the Tomioka Town Disaster Countermeasures Office told us, “After three months of sleeping in hallways, everyone is exhausted. Now they’re a little relieved that they can move into temporary housing, but they’re worried about the future. I’m really thankful for the delivery of the supplies provided by AAR JAPAN.”

Soma City accepted evacuees from Minami-Soma City and Iitate Village in addition to people suffering from the tsunami’s more immediate devastation. 1,000 of planned 1,500 temporary housing units have been completed in the area, and AAR JAPAN is now delivering supplies to the evacuated families.
Mr. Koichi YOSHINO of Soma City Hall told us, “Thanks to the supplies provided by AAR JAPAN, we were able to offer something more than basic necessities to the families moving into temporary housing. Even though these families will be living in temporary housing, they’re worried about their futures, and we really appreciate AAR JAPAN’s assistance.” As of June 22nd, AAR JAPAN has completed delivering supplies to 2,170 families.

       Temporary housing units in Kagamiishi Town.

       Relief supplies delivered in Shinchi Town

Delivery areas
Supplied have been delivered to 13 municipalities in the affected areas of Fukushima Prefecture: Kooriyama City, Shirakawa City, Sukagawa City, Soma City, Minami-soma City, Shinchi Town, Kagamiichi Town, Tomioka Town, Yabuki Town, Iitate Village, Izumisaki Village, Kawauchi Town, and Nishigo Village
Delivered supplies include: Saucepans, frying pans, cutting boards, knives, Tupperware, kettles, bathing chairs, washbowls, bath mats, brooms, dustpans, clotheslines, dust cloths, dress hangers, vacuum cleaners, tables or Kotatsu (heated) tables, cupboards, etc.
Supplies may differ depending on the municipality.
AAR JAPAN Contributes to the Psychological Care of Children in Soma City
In Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, AAR JAPAN has started to support the Soma Follower Team, which promotes the psychological care of children in the disaster area. The group aims to alleviate psychological damage to children in kindergarten, elementary and junior high school who lost their homes and their families. Clinical psychologists and health care workers visit schools and other education centers in Soma City in order to communicate with children and uncover signs of psychological scars.
In 1923, Yukika SOHMA, the founder of AAR JAPAN, married Yasutane SOHMA, the 32nd family head of the SOHMA clan, which was based in the present-day Soma region.
To evacuees in Fukushima Prefecture:
Each municipality is in charge of delivering daily supplies to temporary housing and leased housing. The content and distribution of the supplies will vary by municipality. Please contact either your current municipality or your home municipality for details.

AAR JAPAN staff since 2011. After graduating from a university, worked at a private company. Went to a postgraduate in Britain, then started working at AAR JAPAN.