Kenya: Assistance needed as soon as possible to those who await refuge

The family who evacuated three weeks ago. “The bananas that we brought with us has run out. Other crops are damaged by the water.” (Garissa District, Kenya, April 27th, 2013)

Kenya - a flood has broken out due to heavy rain fall which has been continuing since March this year. The country has over 80,000 flood victims with 54 dead. In cooperation with Kenyan Red Cross Garissa Branch, Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR Japan) is engaged in distributing emergency relief goods to the victims in places such as the city of Garissa, the Garissa District, the Northeastern Province, and refugee camps located near AAR Japan’s activity areas. Normally in Kenya the rainy season is from March to May and the situation remains unpredictable as there is a possibility of the damage worsening through until the end of May.

In the first phase, we delivered packages that consist of one plastic sheet, two blankets, two mosquito nets, two bars of soap, and two 10-litre plastic tanks. This aid was delivered on May 1st to 59 families (413 people) who take refuge in Guyo Primary School of Fafi District, Garissa, which is near AAR Japan’s activity area.

In the second phase, we distributed relief packages that include one waterproof sheet,  two blankets, two mosquito nets, two bars of soaps, and two of 10-litre plastic tanks. These were distributed to a total of 89 households in two areas of Fafi District and Garissa on May 2nd, and to another 16 poor households along the Tana River on May 4th

People making their way with water up till their waist. The road is completely submerged under water. (May 3rd, 2013)

The lower half of the house has been swept away by the risen water of the Tana River. The water still reached up till right beside the house. (May 3rd, 2013)

 A drenched mother making an appeal after having walked through the road submerged underwater. (May 3rd, 2013)

 Children preparing for a new academic term in their refuge tents. We hope they will be able to go to school safely. (May 3rd, 2013)

 We distribute relief goods to each individual hand to hand, so that we could deliver to those who are in real need. The flood water reaches up to the point behind the tree. (May 4th, 2013)

 Ms. Fatima Hassan Kofa (on the right, (30)) has escaped with her family from her village near Tana River three weeks ago. Her village is still under water, and return to her home is nowhere in sight. (May 2nd, 2013)

Daigo TAKAGI, AAR Japan’s Kenya Office
After working for a private company, he moved to Britain to do postgraduate work in reconstruction assistance to war-torn communities. He joined AAR Japan’s Tokyo Office in May 2011 and engaged in emergency relief and reconstruction efforts for areas devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, focusing on support activities in Fukushima Prefecture. He has been based in the Kenya Office since February 2012.