Nepal: Emergency Assistance to Earthquake Survivors- "Finally, I Can Sleep Under the Same Roof as My Family."

Long-awaited tent materials 

AAR Japan's emergency assistance team has been providing assistance to the Tasarpu village in the mountainous Dhading District. On May 16th, we distributed food and household supplies in the 3rd and 4th wards of the village. In these earthquake-stricken areas, survivors whose houses had collapsed were waiting to receive floor mats, mosquito nets, and tents to keep them out of the rain. Given the shortage of tent supplies within Nepal, our emergency assistance team procured tents from the neighboring country, India.

Ms.Kabitn Tamang, who received relief supplies from AAR Japan said, "We can finally make our own tent for my family”. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 18th, 2015) 

Ms. Kabitn Tamang (age 23) used to live with her son, her relatives and her parents-in-law while her husband worked away from home before the earthquake. In the aftermath of the disaster, they were forced to evacuate after the downstairs of their house collapsed in the earthquake. She has been taking refuge with nine other families in a temporary shelter built by other villagers – an open space with pillars, tin roofs and no walls. In the small shelter with no privacy, families often got into arguments and struggled to find peaceful time. Ms. Kabitn Tamang said, “We can build and stay in our own tent," with the tent materials provided by AAR Japan. 

AAR Japan staff Fukuro KAKIZAWA handing relief supplies to a disaster survivor. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 16th, 2015) 
Distribution Details:
[Location] Tasarpu Village, Dhading District
・May 16th: 220 households in 3rd and 4th wards
・May 18th: 412 households in 1st, 5th, and 7th wards
・May 19th: 351 households in 6th and 9th wards
・May 21st: 305 households in 2nd and 8th wards

[Number of Households] 1,288 in total 

[Distributed Items]
Food: two-week supply of rice, Dahl beans, salt, cooking oil, and condiments (masala and turmeric). 
Household Items: 1 bucket, 2 mosquito nets, 1 flooring mat, and tent materials (1 plastic sheet (3.6 x 5.5m), 1 rope for holding plastic sheet (30m)), 2 blankets, 3 packs of sanitary napkins, and 1 carrier bag). 
People lined up to receive supplies. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 18th, 2015)  
AAR Japan's local staff putting a blanket neatly in a carrier bag in preparation of distribution. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 18th, 2015)  
As the number of households in the 6th ward was relatively small, supplies were distributed smoothly. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 19th, 2015) 
AAR Japan staff KAKIZAWA (center) handing relief supplies to the survivors one by one. Each person received supplies and expressed gratitude. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 19th, 2015) 
Children in the 6th Ward came out and helped us cut flooring mat. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 19th, 2015)
Women In the 7th Ward helped us sort blankets. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 19th, 2015)

Schools are destroyed. "We need a place for children to study." 

All 12 schools in Tasarpu Village are now completely or partly destroyed, making it impossible for children to study. In response, we are considering helping with the construction of temporary classrooms in the village and surrounding areas. We will continue our emergency assistance to help Nepali people build their lives back. We would appreciate your further support. 

Elementary school in the 2nd Ward is in a critical condition with the first floor severely damaged. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 19th, 2015) 
An elementary school in the 2nd Ward’s interior and exterior walls were severely damaged. (Tasarpu Village, Dhading District, May 19th, 2015) 
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Fukuro KAKIZAWA, AAR Japan Tokyo Headquarters Office
Since joining AAR Japan Tokyo Office in May 2013, KAKIZAWA has been in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan operations. He has also engaged in emergency assistance for Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013 and Vanuatu cyclone in 2015. He is 34 years old and was born in Kanagawa. (profile as of the date of the article.)

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