Floods in Kanto and Tohoku regions: AAR Japan distributed underclothes for 300 evacuees.

AAR Japan is conducting its emergency response in the City of Joso, Ibaraki, severely affected by heavy rains and floods that destroyed the banks of Kinugawa River. As a result of our assessment in three evacuation centers in the city, we came to learn about a severe shortage of underclothes, while food and normal clothes are adequate. Thus, as of today, AAR Japan distributed underclothes for 300 evacuees in two of the largest evacuation centers in the district of Ishige Gymnasium and West Ishige Junior High School.

AAR Japan is also preparing the distribution of portable toilets usable for 3000 times in the same city, responding to the dire demand for portable toilets due to continuing water-cut.
At an evacuation center(September 12th.2015)