Kumamoto Earthquakes: Toys for the children

 Toys to comfort children

AAR Japan visited Kumamoto City Te Wo Tsunagu Ikusei Kai, a social welfare organization and a network of guardians of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities on May 20th. According to the staff of Kumamoto City Te Wo Tsunagu Ikusei Kai, many of the homes registered with the organization have been affected by the earthquake. Children with intellectual and developmental disabilities often times have difficulty adapting to changes in the environment and, as a result, suffer from severe psychological stress. Since guardians of such children need to be more attentive to the needs of their children, they do not have sufficient time to clean their homes and collect information required to reestablish their lives. As such, guardians also suffer from increased psychological stress.
With the hopes of providing children with comfort, AAR Japan supplied toys such as puzzles and bubble toys and 50 sets of DVDs. Toys that children are familiar are most effective at reducing psychological stress. With the help of Te Wo Tsunagu Ikusei Kai, AAR Japan distributed toys that suit each child’s character to each home. “The toys not only make children happy, but also reduce the burden on their guardians,” employees of Te Wo Tsunagu Ikusei Kai said.

Te Wo Tsunagu Ikusei Kai employees, Chiaki Furukawa (AAR Japan staff, second person from the left in the back row), and Takumi Takagi (AAR Japan staff, person on the right in the front row). (May 20th, 2016)]

AAR Japan will continue to listen closely to the needs of each person affected by the earthquake.

AAR Japan remains committed to supporting those affected by the Kumamoto earthquake.
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