Emergency assistance: East of Tokyo struck by typhoon Faxai

Typhoon Faxai, a record-setting typhoon made landfall east of Tokyo (Chiba prefecture) on Sept. 9 ,2019 has killed 1 person and injured about 150 people according to FDMA, Fire and Disaster Management Agency. More than 930,000 homes across the region went without power at its peak. The power outage continued for more than 2 weeks in approximately 2,800 homes and there are homes still remain without power after a month passed, according to the Tepco, Tokyo Electric Power Company.

 Four days after the typhoon landfall, AAR started gathering information. The following day, we dispatched the emergency relief team and begun providing emergency assistance in Chiba.We visited total of 20 welfare facilities in 5 cities (Tateyama City, Minamiboso City, Kyonanmachi, Kamogawa City, Kisarazu City) and distributed relief items, such as drinking water and hygiene products and nutrient-dense foods, as well as special type of ready-to-eat meals for elderly with dysphagia.

AAR emergency team handing out relief items at local NPO, Tanpopo no kai
                          (Tateyama City, Chiba / Sept. 16)

Typhoon Faxai destroyed more than 40 thousand homes, of which 214 got completely destroyed. The situation has been devastating in some of the area. When we visited welfare facilities, there were several facilities that were not being able to operate due to the damages and had no potential funding needed to rebuild and operate again. The support from these facilities are critical for the user and their family member. The longer these facilities are closed, more difficult it gets for them to recover. It might have an effect on their disabilities too.

A small bridge at one of the welfare facilities blown away by the wind. 
(Kisarazu City, Chiba/ Sept. 19)

We are preparing to give further support for 2 of these welfare facilities in severely affected communities (Minamiboso City, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture). Our support plan includes donation of equipment necessary for the persons with disabilities to carry out daytime work and activities, the repair of vehicles for transportation, as well as the reconstruction of agricultural houses and resting facilities.

Please continue to support us through the donation, thank you!


*Please note that depending on the changes in damage level and needs, our emergency support activities can be cut short. If the donation exceeds the amount required for the activities, it will be used for the reconstruction of the heavy rain damage in northern Kyushu in August and the next emergency assistance.