Expanding Goods Supply to Disability Organizations: COVID-19 Emergency Assistance

Expanding Goods Supply to Disability Organizations: COVID-19 Emergency Assistance

Since this April, AAR Japan has been supplying sanitation goods including masks to organizations and welfare facilities for Persons with disabilities(PWDs) in Japan. Most of the supplied goods were donated from companies and organizations which have supported us from before. Even state of emergency has lifted, still many welfare staffs are in the difficult situation. 

Bottle cleaning center office of Employment support for disability, where we had sent masks. (2020/5/15, Akishima, Tokyo)

From visiting nursing foundation. “Thank you for your masks and small sweets.”

‘Truly grateful to masks that it can bring us tears’

Under the cooperation from Japan Disability Forum (JDF) and Japan Council of Disability (JD), we run a survey about goods needed. Based on that survey, we had supplied packages 35 organizations in total (as of May 20th) The packages include masks, disposable rubber gloves, moisturizing creams, cooling body wipe for prickly heat and vitamin supplements. These goods were supplied to AAR form Eisai Co. Ltd., AUTOBACS SEVEN Co., Ltd., Yuskin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. and Japanese volunteer group working in Shanghai called Friend. In the regular emergency assistances for large-scale disasters, personal delivery is principles, but from the viewpoint of preventing infection, we are suppling goods by delivery. We are delivering goods as soon as they arrive to AAR.

Persons with disabilities (PWDs) and people with underlying disease are in the higher risk of becoming severe conditions if infected with the COVID-19. In the case of Saitama Association of Kidney Disease Patients where we supplied 15,000 of masks, 2,050 patients of renal dialysis are in need of dialysis treatment 13 times a month (approximately 3 times a week), and they cannot enter dialysis room without masks. Also, 80% of patients are high risk elderly patients.

Saitama Association of Kidney Disease Patients told us “Even we tried to buy a large amount of masks, there were no stocks at the drug store, or it didn’t fit our budget, and we were very worried. Receiving this kind of support was first time for us and we are much appreciated.”

Also we have received many comments from our beneficiary, mental health and welfare organizations.“We are praying for getting things back to normal as soon as possible”. “Since we don’t have enough masks, we are handing over masks with their name when they come and we collect them when they leave and our staffs are washing them by hand every day. The masks which supplied from the government are too small that most of us cannot use them. We appreciate the masks we had received and we will use them with care. We also appreciate moisturizing cream since our hands get rough and dry from using hand sanitizer.”

Another comment from Kidney disease patient support organization.
“In difficult time like this, we are truly grateful for masks that it can bring us tears”
From Mentally disabled parties Polque. “We will distribute also to near welfare offices, homeless supporting group, and mental health hospital.” (2020/5/15)

We kindly ask for your cooperation for COVID-19 emergency assistance

Disability organizations are nationwide in Japan, and not only from the viewpoint of necessity, but also from the viewpoint of equality, still need large amount of goods supply. AAR is conducting hygiene awareness and provision of information for COVID-19, and emergency supply of hygiene goods and foods in Turkey, Uganda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Italy, where we are conducting regular support for refugees and disabilities, through local offices. Providing these emergency assistance are available because of donations form supporters and goods supply from cooperative cooperation. We deeply appreciate for many donations after starting COVID-19 emergency assistance.

AAR is providing assistance giving priority to those who would be left behind from support throughout the world regardless of the political, ideological or religious position. In the situation where every person is in danger of COVID-19 including in Japan, we believe kindness and cooperation will give us power to get over this unprecedented situation. Again, we kindly ask for your warm support and cooperation.

Japanese-English translation by Moeko Mizuno 
English editing by Yui Hirade