Japan Hongkongers Association donated ¥6.3 million to support the disaster area in Kyushu


The torrential rains in Kyushu in early July 2020 left 76 deaths and 3 missing, mainly in Kumamoto Prefecture. A month later, approximately 1,400 people are still staying in the evacuation centers. AAR Japan would like to express our sincere condolences to the victims and heartfelt sympathy to all those who have suffered.

"Hang in there, Japan! " warm messages from Hong Kong.

While the recovery work is still going on in the affected areas, Japan Hongkongers Association (JHA), established by Hong Kong People residing in Japan, donated approximately 6.3 million yen to Japanese international NGO, AAR Japan for use in supporting the areas affected by the torrential rains in Kyushu. After learning of the massive disaster in Kyushu, JHA called for donations through a crowd-funding and other means with the campaign “Hand in Hand with Japan, Rebuild Kyushu” for a month until August 5, and received a large donation from 1,474 individuals with messages such as "Hang in there, Japan! " "For the people of Kyushu". Around ninety percent of the donations came from Hong Kong. The members were introduced to AAR by a Japanese friend, as the most reliable NGO.


Ms. Tanaka(centre) and Ms. Chan(left) receive a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Horie (11 July 2020)
Ms. Tanaka(centre) and Ms. Chan(left) receive a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Horie (11 August 2020)

On August 11, Ms. Anna Tanaka, JHA’s Representative Director who was born and raised in Hong Kong, and Ms. Wingin Chan, one of the association’s broad members visited AAR Tokyo Head-office to hand Mr. Yoshiteru Horie, AAR Secretary General, a special letter with supportive messages, then received a certificate of appreciation from AAR.

 Japan Hongkongers Association is now planning to establish a friendly space for Hong Kong people residing in Japan, and to enhance the relationship of Hongkongers and Japanese. Ms. Tanaka says "Although many Hong Kong people are living in Japan for business, study and tourism, there have been no non-government organization of Hongkongers. That’s why we are now registering our own organization for the benefit to all”. Ms. Chan also explains "In Hong Kong, many young people are interested in Japan through OTAKU culture such as animations and J-POP idols. Every year about 2.3 million of Hong Kong tourists visit Japan to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape, hot springs and traditional culture. Though the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is blocking people right now, we would like to continue to promote exchanges between Hong Kong and Japan".


A special message letter from the Japan Hongkongers Association

Immediately after the disaster in Kyushu, AAR reached to the area, and while giving due consideration to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, we provided hot meals to the people in evacuation centers in Kumamoto Prefecture (a total of 40 times during July/served 2,721 meals) and provided relief supplies to a several welfare facilities for the persons with disabilities. AAR will continue to support the recovery of the affected area. 

We sincerely appreciate this great support by Japan Hongkongers Association.