Southeast Asia: AAR JAPAN Will Provide Emergency Assistance to the Flood Victims in Cambodia

In response to the ongoing flooding in Southeast Asia, AAR JAPAN (Shinagawa, Tokyo = Yukie OSA, Chairperson) has decided to form a support team that will be dispatched on November 5 with the mission of assessing the total impact of the floods in the affected areas and providing emergency assistance accordingly.
A combination of exceptionally heavy seasonal rain and back-to-back typhoons has caused flooding in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia along the Mekong River basin, stretching across Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. According to USAID, the floods in Cambodia are considered to be the worst since the 2000 disaster, causing 247 deaths, displacing 46,000 households, and affecting the lives of over 1.5 million people as of October 28. Approximately 30% of the irrigated rice fields have been severely damaged, and low-income farm workers, whose lives depend on agriculture, are anticipated to be heavily impacted by this catastrophe.
AAR JAPAN was established in 1979 with the goal of supporting Cambodian and other Indochinese refugees and since then has continued providing humanitarian aid to Cambodia; in recent years, we have set up and operated a wheelchair workshop and a vocational training center for persons with disabilities. Experienced in initiating international emergency relief activities in countries such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan and utilizing our extensive local network that we have built throughout the years, we are committed to efficiently and effectively providing emergency assistance in Cambodia.

Noriyasu OKAYAMA, AAR JAPAN – Vientiane Office Staff
OKAYAMA joined AAR JAPAN in June, 2004 as a staff member at the Vientiane office in Laos. After graduating from university, he was assigned to Bangladesh as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer. Before joining AAR JAPAN, he has had experience coordinating ODA projects at a Fisheries Agency-affiliated organization as well as working in Nepal for 5 years for an NGO that specializes in rural development. (45 years old from Aichi Prefecture)

Sanae HAYASHI, AAR JAPAN Programme Coordinator
HAYASHI joined the AAR JAPAN Tokyo office in June, 2010 and has mainly worked on projects in Myanmar (Burma), Tajikistan, and Sri Lanka. After graduating from university, she first gained work experience in Japan, completed a graduate degree in anthropology in the United Kingdom, and has worked for an international organization until she joined AAR JAPAN. (38 years old from Tochigi Prefecture)