Kumamoto Earthquakes: Delivering aid to elderly nursing homes.

Unrestored water supply – Struggles from days without water for hydration or bathing

On April 26, AAR Japan’s emergency response team distributed aid to 4 welfare centers and collaborated with The Peace Project (non-profit organization) to operate soup kitchens.

Midori Center, an elderly nursing home in the town of Nishi-Hara in Aso county, continues to struggle without water. AAR Japan’s emergency response team delivered 50 packets of oral rehydration powder so that elderly survivors could hydrate.

The team also delivered aid to Yuyu Kashima, an elderly nursing home in the town of Kashima of Kamishiki county. Aid includes 60 bottles of sports drinks for hydration, 10 packets of body wipes because the occupants cannot bathe, and 36 packets of wet tissue.

The Oasis elderly nursing home in the town of Mifune of Mashiki county, which currently accommodates 50 occupants and 2 survivors in need of care, also continues to struggle without water. The emergency response team delivered 6 bottles of alcohol-based disinfectant hand-spray, and 500 yōkan (adzuki-bean jelly) donated to AAR Japan by Toraya Confectionery Co., Ltd. “We will serve yōkan to occupants as snack. We are appreciative of the donation,” commented employees of the nursing home.

The team also delivered 48 cup noodles, 18 bottles of water, 12 bottles of cold beverages, and 24 packets disinfectant tissue to Ayumi, an assisted living center in Kumamoto City. Although Ayumi is an assisted living center visited by the elderly only during the day, the elderly users live in fear of further aftershocks and have requested for shelter at the center. However, Ayumi employees have also been affected by the earthquake and there are not enough persons that can work overnight at the center. Ayumi lacks the capacity to accommodate the elderly users and it has been turning down the elderly users’ requests.

Further, the team delivered 200 pairs of compression leggings for prevention of deep-vein thrombosis (products donated by CATALOGHOUSE Ltd.) to the Disaster Control headquarters of the Kumamoto Prefectural Office. Since proper use of compression leggings requires guidance by specialists such as health nurses, these compression leggings will be distributed to evacuation centers in the town of Mashiki, town of Ozu, Aso City, and Kumamoto City with the assistance of Kayako Chishima, an investigator with the Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT).

AAR remains committed to supporting those affected by the Kumamoto earthquake.

Delivered aid to Oasis, an elderly nursing home.
(Kazuya Omuro (right), April 26th, 2016)

Delivered aid to Yuyu Kashima, an elderly care center in the town of Kashima of Kamishiki county.
(Kazuya Omuroi (right), April 26th, 2016)

Foundation of the Yuyu Kashima building sank after the earthquake.
(April 26th, 2016)

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