Kumamoto Earthquakes: Emergency Relief to People in the Affected Areas

In response to the earthquakes that rocked Kumamoto prefecture on April 14, Association for Aid and Relief Japan (AAR Japan) dispatched the emergency response team consisting of four staff members including a board member, Ben Kato; Kazuya Omuro; Shinichiro Ohara; and Masayuki Okada. Additional members will join the team shortly.

The earthquakes that first struck Kumamoto at 9:26 pm on April 14 marked magnitude 7 on the Japanese intensity scale. A series of aftershocks continue to ca
AAR Omuro surving rice balls to the affected people (Mashiki, April 16th, 2016)
use damages on constructions and infrastructures and destabilize the situation. On the 15th, the team entered the town of Mashiki, where destruction is most severe, to provide food supplies to survivors, erecting a temporary vendor outside of an evacuation center (Iino Elementary School) to cook curry, rice balls, and miso soup to feed the affected populations. The team is serving hot-meals to 300 ~500 people at a time. Meanwhile, the team is conducting needs assessment for further assistance to those affected, such as those residing in evacuation centers and persons with disabililties of the areas hit by the earthquakes.
Quakes continue to hit Kumamoto even after the first strike. More damages and more evacuation are aggravating the situation every day. Please donate and help us support people of Kumamoto. 

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