COVID-19 Emergency Assistance: Sanitation Goods Supply Underway for Disability Organizations

March 30th, 2020

On March 28th and 29th, AAR Japan carried out a survey on necessary support and issues faced by people with disabilities amid the COVID-19 crisis. The survey was conducted among disability support organizations in Japan including the Japan Disability Forum (JDF) and the Japan Council on Disability (JD).

The survey finds that disability organizations and care centers have acute needs for masks and sanitizers, as they only have limited access to government supplies even though these goods are as essential to them as to medical facilities. The shortage of hygrine supplies is also pointed out as an issue that needs urgent attention in JDF’s request to the government.
In light of these findings, AAR Japan is preparing to supply sanitary items such as masks, disinfectants and gloves to disability support organizations. AAR Japan has been working on finding a viable procurement method since masks are currently very hard to come by nationwide. At the same time, AAR Japan also plans to provide ventilators, suction aspirators, disinfectants for medical equipment and other medical kits that are required depending on the types of disabilities.
The spread of the outbreak is making us all anxious. Please look after your health and safety above all else. If you can, we would like to ask for your kind support to overcome this global crisis together.

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