Information Gathering and Assistance Start in Turkey, Pakistan and Japan (updated on March 26h)

In Turkey where AAR Japan has been active with a Syrian refugees assistance program, COVID-19 infection cases reached 3,629 (Source: Turkish Ministry of Health, as of March 26th) and the government has issued a request for people to stay home. In response to this situation, AAR Japan started to provide information for refugees by phone or via social media about disease prevention and what to do in cases of suspected infection. We also plan to launch support measures for refugees including the provision of masks and sanitizers, and helping with rent payments.
COVID-19 is also spreading in Pakistan where 1,235 people have been reported as infected (Source: Government of Pakistan, as of March 27th). AAR Japan has started to gather information from local schools where they run hygiene improvement programs on toilet facilities and wells, so as to provide effective support to those schools by launching sanitation awareness campaigns such as teaching pupils how to wash hands, and helping with the supply of soaps, sanitizers and other hygiene products.

In Japan, AAR Japan is arranging for the provision of sanitation goods to people with disabilities and to those for whom it is extremely difficult to obtain these necessities. Disability support organizations have expressed concerns about the lack of access to disability-friendly computer devices at home as more people are being encouraged to work from home, which impedes communication and collaboration with their members or with other organizations. Some have also pointed out limited access to information on infection prevention and related policy measures, as information and policies from the government are not available on media that are accessible to people with different types of disabilities. AAR Japan, in cooperation with disability support organizations, is exploring possible ways to address these problems through such efforts as helping to organize suitable home working environments.

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