Western Japan Flood: Providing Cold Somen Soup in Hot Summer Heat

Association for Aid and Relief, Japan, in collaboration with the NPO, Peace Project, continued delivering soup kitchen on July 10 at Niman elementary school evacuation center in Kurashiki City.
The temperature rose up to 35 degrees Celsius, soup kitchen of cold somen noodles for lunch were welcomed by 200 people in the shelter.  The team also delivered stir-fried vegetables and miso-soup with pork and vegetables for 250 people for dinner.
After the flood, many people went back home temporarily during the day to clean their houses, but the work of scraping out the mud is endless and quite tiring. Returning to the evacuation center much exhausted, people were pleased to find meals ready to eat.  AAR will continue to deliver timely and appropriate aid to affected areas.

Hot summer sun shined on the affected area, and the temperature exceeded 35 degrees Celsius.
Shinichiro Ohara of AAR delivering meals to the affected.
People were exhausted after scraping out the mud from their flood damaged houses, but looked recovered after having meal.

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