Japan: Bringing Smiles to the People Living in Disaster Areas - Entertainer Nekohachi EDOYA and Singers Perform Folk Songs and Mimic in Miyagi

"Don't Give Up, Northeastern Japan – It’s All About Folk Songs - : Entertainer Nekohachi EDOYA and Folk Singers Cheer Up the Spirit of People in Disaster Areas"

22 January 2013 - Clapping and singing together - (From the left) Mr. Nekohachi EDOYA and folk singers, Mr. Masao SUZUKI, Ms. Keiko SUDO, Mr. Fumio OTSUKA, Ms. Makiko KOSUGI, and Ms. Keiko CHIDA (Hebita Mutual Support Base Center, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi)


Laos: 'My Son Lost His Life At The Age Of 12' - The Continuing Threat Of UXO's In Laos

During the Vietnam War, Laos was struck with more than 2 million tons of explosives.  More than 30% of these explosives have failed to detonate and continue to be found in many places such as villages, mountains, and fields. Although the war has ended, the number of people who have been involved in UXO-related accidents has risen to over 20,000. In 2011 alone, there were 79 casualties and 20 deaths ― and possibly more have gone unreported.

More than half of the victims are children, innocent bystanders in war. AAR is currently undertaking anti-UXO action in the Xieng Khouang Province, an area in Northern Laos that is prone to many such accidents. The following is a report on the dangerous aspects of everyday life for the Xieng Khouang's residents, written by Natsuki Matsumoto from our Tokyo PR office, who visited Laos in November 2012.

'Accidents In Our Local Fields'

November 13 2012-Bian speaking of the sadness of losing her son. Her youngest daughter was born just before the accident (Phookood District, Xieng Khouang Province)


Zambia: The Number of HIV Test Participants Increased Three Fold

In Zambia, one in seven adults is HIV-positive. AAR Japan has been taking comprehensive efforts in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Zambia by raising awareness through anti-AIDS clubs established in the local elementary and junior high schools, as well as rendering support and care for HIV-positive individuals and children orphaned by AIDS. Most recently in September 2012, AAR Japan also constructed a voluntary counseling and testing center (VCT center) in the Chipapa area, a suburb of the capital city of Lusaka. The center will provide the local people with HIV-testing and counseling.

Chipapa is a small village located about 20 km south of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.