Uganga : Education for Congolese refugee children

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (referred to as Congo below) in central Africa has been unstable since the 1990s, but tensions have further escalated in the wake of the presidential elections at the end of 2018 and armed clashes in the eastern region in 2019 have resulted in the deaths of scores of civilians. The number of refugees fleeing to neighboring Uganda has also skyrocketed, with approximately 410,000 Congolese refugees currently residing in Uganda. More than 30% of the children living in refugee settlements are currently not able to attend school.  

In April this year, AAR Japan began supporting the education of Congolese refugee children and children living in areas hosting refugees. Masayasu Higuchi from the AAR Ugandan Hoima office reports. 

Congolese refugee children studying eagerly in crowded classroom in the Kyangwali refugee settlement, Uganda. 



Torrential rain in Kyushu: Providing supplies to welfare facilities for PWD

The torrential rains in Kyushu in early July caused extensive damage in Kumamoto Prefecture and various areas in Japan, and restoration work is still ongoing in the affected areas. We pray for the souls of the deceased and express our heartfelt sympathy for those who were affected by the disaster. 

Sayako Nogiwa and Kazuya Omuro from AAR Japan checking the damage 
during a visit to the social welfare facility (July 11,2020)


Uganda: Refugees prevent the spread of COVID-19 with homemade masks

 In the eastern African country of Uganda, where the spread of COVID-19 continues, AAR Japan held a mask-making workshop to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at a South Sudanese refugee camp, located in the north of the country.

Refugee settlement leaders wearing their handmade masks. The right is AAR staff (August 2020, Palolinha settlement)