Zambia: Support for People Living with HIV

Encouraging HIV-positive patients to continue medication

HIV/AIDS is generally understood to be a fatal disease. However, nowadays, by taking medication on a daily basis, patients can curb the onset and the development of AIDS, even if they are infected with HIV. Since 2000, AAR Japan has been implementing projects to raise awareness for HIV prevention, and has been carrying out a project supporting the education of children orphaned by AIDS in Zambia. In Zambia (located in Southern Africa), one out of every eight adults is said to be HIV-positive. Since January 2013, AAR has also been improving treatment facilities for HIV-positive patients in local clinics, and has been training local volunteers to support people living with HIV.

AAR has organized “AIDS Action Club” in four schools in Lusaka Province. The project aims to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS among local students. The club members convey information about HIV/AIDS to other students through entertaining activities such as plays and songs. (June 15th, 2014)


Afghanistan: AAR Deliver Basic Necessities to Homeless Victims of Landslides

Emergency Aid to Afghanistan

From April through May in 2014, torrential rains continued on and off to ravage 27 provinces and 123 districts in Afghanistan, setting off flooding and landslides. Throughout Afghanistan, as many as 125,000 people were affected by the disaster, and 14,440 houses were damaged or destroyed (Source: OCHA as of May 22).

Badakhshan Province is illustrated by the orange-painted area, and Argo District is the red dot on the map where AAR has recently provided emergency aid. The capital city, Kabul, is represented by a blue dot and is where the AAR office operates (Source: OCHA/ReliefWeb).