Tajikistan: “We will change our lives on our own.” Challenges taken on by women with disabilities.

In Tajikistan, the social welfare system has not been fully developed, and the pension provided by the government for persons with disabilities is only 80 somoni (roughly 1,600 yen) per month. Simply buying a slice of bread (their staple food) uses up all of their income. AAR Japan has been providing vocational training program to those with disabilities and their families in an effort to help them regain their independence and ability to support their families.

Below is a report from Yoshio NAKAGAWA, who has been engaged in operation in Tajikistan for three years.

Zarina (27, on the left) has difficulty walking. She took part in the cooking course through a vocational training program organized by AAR japan and worked hard to find employment at a high-class hotel as a cook. (at Dushanbe Serena Hotel on June 13th, 2013 with Yoshio NAKAGAWA (on the right))