Myanmar COVID-19 Emergency Assistance, Food distribution to families with children with disabilities

We have distributed packages of 10 kg of rice, 1 litter of oil, 30 eggs, 1.6 kg of chickpeas and 1.6 kg of potatoes. AAR Myanmar Office's staff took measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as wearing a mask while delivering these food packages.  (Yangon, Myanmar, May 8, 2020).

In Myanmar, COVID-19 is affecting the daily life of everyone, and especially those we have been supporting since before the pandemic are currently facing even more difficult situations.

Pakistan - COVID-19 Emergency Assistance, Distributing relief items and sending out information to prevent the spread of infection

AAR Japan is distributing emergency assistance items for families facing a high risk of infection due to their fragile social-economic situations, such as families with children with disabilities.

Hygiene items (hand sanitizers, soaps, masks and disposable gloves, etc.) and food items (oil, salt, sugar, etc.) inspected the qualities and packaged for distribution by AAR staff. From left: Pakistan office staff Shajiha Khan, Nabila Masood, Babar Ahtab (April 8, 2020)


Expanding Goods Supply to Disability Organizations: COVID-19 Emergency Assistance

Expanding Goods Supply to Disability Organizations: COVID-19 Emergency Assistance

Since this April, AAR Japan has been supplying sanitation goods including masks to organizations and welfare facilities for Persons with disabilities(PWDs) in Japan. Most of the supplied goods were donated from companies and organizations which have supported us from before. Even state of emergency has lifted, still many welfare staffs are in the difficult situation. 

Bottle cleaning center office of Employment support for disability, where we had sent masks. (2020/5/15, Akishima, Tokyo)

From visiting nursing foundation. “Thank you for your masks and small sweets.”