Zambia: AAR JAPAN’s Bicycles and Emergency Carts Put to Good Use

With a bed attached behind a bicycle, this cart can quickly transport emergency patients to the hospital. In the center is Takashi ASHIDA of AAR JAPAN.

In August 2010, AAR JAPAN provided 16 bicycles and 8 emergency carts for a home-visit nursing group in the Chipapa area, which is near Zambia’s capital of Lusaka. The group’s 25 volunteers visit the homes of 125 HIV-positive people in the area, offering them both physical and mental care. Most residents of the area don’t have bicycles, much less cars, and AAR JAPAN’s bicycles have been of great help in visiting patients spread out over the large Chipapa area. The emergency carts are used for the transportation of emergency patients, enabling them to be taken to the hospital at any time the need arises, giving residents a much-appreciated sense of security.

Mika YAMAI, AAR JAPAN Lusaka office, Zambia
After graduation from university, she worked at an airline company. Studied public health at graduate school in the United States before joining AAR JAPAN. Has been working in AAR JAPAN’s Lusaka office since November 2009. (Born in Hyogo Prefecture)