Laos - First Aid Training for Injuries Caused by Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Developing an Emergency Medical Service System

AAR JAPAN is working for enhancing the level of emergency medical care for unexploded ordnance (UXO) survivors in Xieng Khouang Province in northern Laos. AAR JAPAN is operating training for strengthening the level of first aid in village and transportation to hospitals. The training, offered to village health volunteers in 93 villages throughout the province, aims to decrease the number of deaths caused by UXO and reduce the likelihood of permanent disabilities arising from UXO-related accidents.

In March 2011, AAR JAPAN implemented “TOT: Training of Trainers” for medical practitioners. This included doctors and nurses at district hospitals, who will go on to teach village health volunteers. AAR JAPAN developed the training materials and offered lectures and hands-on practice with first aid skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and hemostasis, as well as detailing precautions for transportation to hospitals and preventing infectious diseases, with the participants learning training methodologies that will allow them to effectively pass on their knowledge. The participants were highly dedicated and enthusiastic, saying that they were pleased to learn new first aid techniques, and excited about teaching village health volunteers.

The medical practitioners who participated in the training session will now go on to offer training to villages in order to strengthen the emergency medical service system in village level.

Members of AAR JAPAN’s Xieng Khuang office who organized the training session. Third from left is Yumiko YAMASHITA, and at right is Yoko HAYASHI, both of AAR JAPAN.

Yumiko YAMASHITA, a qualified nurse, outlines techniques for securing a clear airway.

Participants work diligently in an accident simulation. At right is Yoko HAYASHI of AAR JAPAN’s Xieng Khuang office.

Yumiko YAMASHITA (right) explains how to wrap a bandage.

Articles about the TOT program appeared in Vientiane Times, the national newspaper of Laos.

                                                                 Yumiko YAMASHITA, AAR JAPAN Xieng Khuang office
After graduation from university, she worked as a hospital nurse. She then learned health system management at graduate school in England before joining AAR JAPAN. She has been working in the Xieng Khuang office in Laos since October 2010. (Born in Chiba Prefecture.)