Turkey: Report on Mr. MIYAZAKI’s Memorial Service - Words from Ms. Keiko MIYAZAKI

On Tuesday, December 6th, Mr. Atsushi MIYAZAKI’s memorial service was held at Nippon-Seinenkan (Shinjuku Tokyo). Over 222 people were present at the service, including Mr. MIYAZAKI’s family, Mr. Ali BABACAN, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Kazuyuki HAMADA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, representatives from Turkey, supporters, friends of Mr. MIYAZAKI, and representatives of NGOs. We also received many messages of condolence and flower offerings. We would like to thank those who attended and also those who made this memorial service possible.

Below is the message from Ms. Keiko MIYAZAKI, the mother of Mr. Atsushi MIYAZAKI.
I would like to thank the people of both Turkey and Japan for keeping us in their thoughts and prayers. We have received countless messages of condolence and both my heart and Atsushi’s heart are too full for words. I am brought to tears thinking about how much Atsushi loved Turkey and seeing him engaging in relief activities with the AAR JAPAN staff members.
I believe that this is what Atsushi would have said:
“From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone in Turkey and all AAR JAPAN staff members for rescuing me and returning me to my mother. I hope that my life can lead to the strengthening of ties between Japan and Turkey, and furthermore make a contribution to creating world peace.”
Atsushi was a person who always helped others and worked hard so that others can be at ease. Ever since he joined AAR JAPAN, he was full of hope, being surrounded by such great people, saying that, “I’m having a great time here because we all share a common passion.”
I truly believe that he would have liked to continue the relief activities in Turkey. Now was the time.
I am certain that he is wishing from heaven that the circle to help refugees will continue to grow.
Finally, I would like to thank the Turkish people for the countless messages of condolence. Thank you.
I would like to thank the AAR JAPAN staff for planning such a wonderful memorial service, and extend my gratitude to everyone who attended.