Nepal: Emergency Assistance to Earthquake Survivors - We Distributed Relief Supplies to Tasarpu, a Mountain Village

Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR Japan)’s emergency response team has been working on the ground since April 29th to support the victims of the large earthquake which occurred in Nepal on April 25th.  On May 9th, we distributed relief supplies in Tasarpu village of the mountainous Dhading District.  Natsuki MATSUMOTO reports.

Distributed supplies in a steep mountain region where rice is much needed

At the end of a steep mountain path, is the village of Tasarpu.  Even though this village had been greatly affected by the quakes with 90% of the houses badly damaged, they had received rice from the government only once, and no other aid group had yet reached the area.  AAR Japan spoke with the district government, and decided to distribute relief supplies to all of the households.  On May 9th, in the first wave of distribution, food and basic necessities were distributed to 389 households in three of the village wards.  We will distribute supplies in the remaining six wards.

May 9th Distribution Details

Location: 1st, 5th, and 7th wards of Tasarpu Village, Dhading District
Number of Households: 389 households
Distributed Items:
[Food] two weeks supply of rice, dal beans, salt, cooking oil, condiments (masala, turmeric)
[Household Items] a bucket, two mosquito nets, a floor mat

Ms. Bindo Lama (age 23), who received the supplies from AAR Japan’s Chiaki FURUKAWA (left), told us with a smile that “More than anything, we are grateful for the rice.”
These are the food and household items that were distributed.  The preferences and customs of the people of Nepal were taken into consideration when choosing these items.
Right next to the distribution site is a steep slope.  This is an area that is very difficult to access and for aid to reach.
The victims of the earthquake carry the supplies they received home through a mountain path.

Ms. Kaushile Aryal (centre, age 24) and her children.  She told us that she had been out farming when the earthquake struck, and she was very worried for her children, who had gone out to play.  While her family was safe, their home had collapsed and now they are sleeping in an old tent.  We will distribute tents in the next round of supplies. On the right is Chiaki FURUKAWA of AAR Japan.

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Natsuki MATSUMOTO, AAR Japan Tokyo Office
MATSUMOTO has been in charge of Public Relations at the Tokyo Headquarters Office since April 2012.  After participating in an internship at an international organization during graduate school, she joined AAR Japan. From Tokyo Prefecture.  (Profile as of the date of the article.)

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