Floods in Kanto and Tohoku Regions: September 15th Activity Report

As of today, AAR Japan distributed long-life bread for 300 evacuees at the Regional Exchange Center (Toyoda Castle), which is currently used as an evacuation center.

While only few evacuees stay in the evacuation center during daytime, many of them come to receive food at night. Even those who decided to stay home cannot cook at home, as their houses had been inundated and covered by mud. Moreover, AAR Japan distributed additional anti-dust masks, as they are indispensable for those evacuees who are working hard during daytime to remove heavy mud from their houses.

AAR Japan is determined to continue its aid activities in cooperation with the affected communities.
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The evacuation center’s manager with AAR Japan president, Yukie Osa,
who is originally from the city of Joso. (September 15th, 2015)