Hurricane in Haiti: Delivering Food Aid to Devastated Areas

Delivering Aid Supplies From the Capital to Devastated Areas 

Association for Aid and Relief Japan (AAR Japan) Emergency Response Team (Kazuya OMURO and Asako IKEGAMI) continues to deliver aid supplies to People with Disabilities (PWDs) in Jérémie district in Grand'Anse Province and Les Cayes district in South Province, areas heavily affected by the hurricane.
After collecting aid supplies such as water and food in the capital city, Port-au -Prince, AAR Japan staff takes a 4.5 hour drive to Les Cayes District for temporary storage. In addition to food and water, AAR Japan collects essential aid supplies including mosquito nets, buckets and plastic sheets.

AAR Japan staff Asako IKEGAMI(L) listening to a women with visual impairment in Chambellan sub-district, Jérémie district (October 25th, 2016)

Along with collecting aid supplies, AAR Japan conducts a needs assessment in cooperation with local PWD groups. AAR Japan found that sufficient aid was not reaching PWD groups in Chambellan, a district two hours drive from central Jérémie. The devastation on agriculture has made daily life difficult for people there, as many of them make a living through agricultural production. Furthermore, only scarce amount of aid supplies were reaching PWD groups in Les Cayes.

Under strict security measures, AAR Japan continues to conduct needs based surveys, and beginning on the 28th, delivery of aid supplies. 

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AAR Japan staff Asako IKEGAMI (L) delivering rice to a warehouse in Les Cayes sub-district (October 23th, 2016)