Emergency Relief : Flood disaster in southwest Japan

The severe downpours that continued from 27th of August in South West Japan caused landslide and flooding. The number of evacuees in Saga Prefecture reached 2,200 people at the peak and it is down to 160 people (76 households) on the morning of 5th of September according to Saga Prefecture Disaster Response Headquarters. Although some roads in the region remain closed, the water stoppage that affected 2,500 households has been recovered. The severe rain flooded over 3,000 houses in Saga and the welfare facility in the region are unable to operate due to inundation.

Namatame, AAR staff handing out sports drink to people at “Hagakure Gakuen” in Saga city, Saga (31st of August.)

People at “Sai Sai” cleaning up the facility in Takeo city, Saga . (31st of August)

 AAR’s second national base in Saga has been assessing the local emergency needs on the ground from 28th. On the 30th AAR has dispatched 2 emergency relief personnel to provide urgently needed supplies. The water level went up to the height of chest at “Sai Sai”, the facility for persons with disability in Takeo City, destroying many facility equipment such as pick-up vehicles, wheelchairs and computers etc. “Hagakure Gakuen”, Social Welfare Organization in Saga city is welfare facility for persons with mental disabilities. Although the water stoppage was recovered on weekends, the tap water of the facility was cloudy and not suitable for drinking. In the entire disaster area, many people are unable to use their cars due to flooding and have lost their means of transportation, making it difficult to clean up their homes or buy food or necessary goods.

AAR gathered information about the damage situation and local needs from the welfare facility workers, and distributed sports drinks, hygiene products and other items immediately needed.

AAR staff handing out sports drink to people at “Sai sai” in Takeo city, Saga. (31st of August)

AAR staff pointing to the water level.  (31st of August)

The restoration of welfare facility is important not only for protecting the health of persons with disability, but also for their family members to work on their homes. Thus the immediate support action is critical, and AAR is preparing for further support to these effected facilities.
It is likely that there will be individuals and organizations that will not be able to find the specific supports they need from the government support system in order to recover.

AAR will continue to support those who have been affected by the flood.
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