AAR JAPAN Distributes Supplies to 45,000 People in 330 Locations

AAR JAPAN has been supporting aid and relief activities in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake since March 13th. In addition to distributing relief supplies, AAR JAPAN is now preparing soup kitchens, providing medical support, operating regular bus services, and assisting in institutional recovery.

The following is a list of relief supplies that AAR JAPAN has distributed with the assistance of our supporters. AAR JAPAN will continue to work to meet the needs of people in the affected areas.

Relief Supplies Distributed between March 14th and April 25th:

Reception Centers - Approximately 45,000 people in 330 locations

Miyagi Prefecture: Sendai City, Ishinomaki City, Kesen-numa City, Natori City, Tome City, Higashi-Matsushima City, Onagawa Town, Tagajo City, Iwanuma City, Minami-Sanriku Town, Yamamoto Town, Shiogama City
Iwate Prefecture: Otsuchi Town, Ofunato City, Rikuzen-takata City, Kamaishi City, Yamada Town
Fukushima Prefecture: Soma City, Minami-Soma City
Yamagata Prefecture: Kaminoyama City
(And others)

Relief Supplies Delivered to Affected Areas

Diesel oil (13,600 liters), Kerosene (4,400 liters), Gasoline (2,060 liters), Potable water (13 tonnes), Rice (2 tonnes), Oranges (2 tonnes), Bananas (2 tonnes), Milk (480 packs), Sweet-bean cakes (25,000 units), Other food (Retort foods, food for the elderly, canned food, miso, soy sauce, nutritional supplements, etc.), Blankets (1,000 units), Underwear, scarves and clothes (25,000 units), Towels and hand cloths (50,000 units), “Furoshiki” wrapping cloths (3,000 units), Face masks  (60,000 units), Hand warmers (5,000 units), Sleeping bags (3,400 units), Medicine (60 packages), Toothbrushes (10,000 units), Paper diapers (60,000 units), Women’s sanitary products (17,000 units), Batteries (80 cartons), Baby products (Baby food, baby slings, etc.), High-pressure washers (30 units), Chainsaws (30 units), Boots (100 pairs), Books and picture books (20 boxes), Crayon sets (200 units), Cell phone chargers (120 units), Computers (6 units), Bicycles (70 units), Washing machines (8 units), Dryers (8 units), plus other miscellaneous items.