One Month After the Great East Japan Earthquake: Recovery through Medical Assistance & Support for Institutional Reconstruction

Elderly, Persons with Disabilities, Remote Islands Receive Relief Supplies from AAR Japan

Delivery of 24 cartons of batteries, 4 tons of potable water and other relief supplies to the isolated island of Ajishima in Miyagi Prefecture. As soon as the ferry arrived at the island, the supplies were moved to a truck waiting at the port

AAR JAPAN has been supporting aid and relief activities in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake since March 13th, with two new offices opened in Sendai City (Miyagi Prefecture) and Morioka City (Iwate Prefecture), and 30 people dispatched as part of Emergency Relief Teams.

In coordination with Prefectural Emergency Headquarters and social welfare divisions, AAR JAPAN has been delivering aid and engaging in relief efforts in hard-to-reach evacuation centers, senior care centers, and facilities for pesons with disabilities, as well as reaching people living outside evacuation centers and on isolated islands in Miyagi, Iwate, Fukushima and Yamagata Prefectures. Roughly 20,000 people in 170 locations have received food, water, fuel and other daily necessities through AAR JAPAN.
Many elderly people and persons with disabilities have special dietary and medical needs that require a quick and sensitive response. AAR JAPAN keeps track of their changing daily needs, and concentrates its efforts on the timely delivery of supplies that are most immediately required.
In addition to continuing to send vital supplies and preparing soup kitchens for the most desperate disaster victims, AAR JAPAN is also planning to aid local reconstruction efforts by providing medical support and assisting in institutional recovery.

Relief Supplies Distributed between March 13th and April 8th:
Reception Centers - Approximately 20,000 people in 170 locations
Miyagi Prefecture: Sendai City, Ishinomaki City, Kesen-numa City, Natori City, Tome City, Higashi-Matsushima City, Onagawa Town, Tagajo City, Iwanuma City, Minami-Sanriku Town, Yamamoto Town, Shiogama City
Iwate Prefecture: Otsuchi Town, Ofunato City, Rikuzen-takata City, Kamaishi City, Yamada Town
Fukushima Prefecture: Minami-Soma City
Yamagata Prefecture: Kaminoyama City
And others
Relief Supplies Delivered to Affected Areas

Diesel oil (13,600 liters)
Kerosene (4,400 liters)
Gasoline (2,060 liters)
Potable water (13 tons)
Rice (2 tons)
Oranges (2 tons)
Bananas (2 tons)
Milk (480 packs)
Sweet-bean cakes (25,000 units)
Other food (Retort foods, food for the elderly, canned food, miso, soy sauce, nutritional supplements, etc.)
Blankets (1,000 units)
Underwear, scarves and clothes (25,000 units)
Towels and hand cloths (50,000 units)
“Furoshiki” wrapping cloths (3,000 units)
Face masks  (60,000 units)
Hand warmers (5,000 units)
Sleeping bags (3,400 units)
Medicine (60 packages)
Toothbrushes (10,000 units)
Paper diapers (60,000 units)
Women’s sanitary products (17,000 units)
Batteries (80 cartons)
Baby products (Baby food, utensils, baby bottles, pacifiers, baby slings, etc.)
High-pressure washers (30 units)
Chainsaws (30 units)
Boots (100 pairs)
Books and picture books (20 boxes)
Crayon sets (200 units)
Cell phone chargers (120 units)
Computers (6 units)
Plus other miscellaneous items