East Africa Drought: Emergency Relief Team Arrives in Garissa

Assessment of Distribution of Relief Supplies in Garissa, Kenya

Arriving in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, on August 5th, the Association for Aid and Relief Japan (AAR JAPAN) emergency relief team began relief operations for people affected by the drought and subsequent food crisis in the East Africa region. The team has been collecting information in order to plan the location and schedule for carrying out relief operations, and met with an official from the government Crisis Response Center in Nairobi. The team was joined by Yoshifumi KAWABATA on August 8th.

On August 9th, advance team members Go IGARASHI and Hiromi KAWANO moved from Nairobi to Garissa, a city in the North Eastern Province of Kenya, 4 hours’ drive east of Nairobi toward Somalia. Garissa’s food security levels are dropping to levels similar to those in Somalia.
After consulting with the District Commissioner of Garissa, the team decided to distribute relief supplies to 500 households in areas affected by drought, targeting the elderly, people with disabilities, and drought-affected nomads who receive little assistance.
In the days ahead, the team will evaluate locations for distribution and transfer relief supplies procured in Nairobi in order to commence distribution this weekend (August 14th). We also plan to conduct an assessment and distribute relief supplies in Dadaab, near Somalia.
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Hiromi KAWANO, AAR JAPAN staff, inquires about the food crisis with Garissa’s District Commissioner

Hiromi KAWANO speaks to a local assistant in Garissa.

 This project has been made possible through generous individual donations and through a grant from Japan Platform.

Hiromi KAWANO, AAR JAPAN Tokyo office
As part of the overseas division of AAR JAPAN, she has taken charge of the Water Supply and Hygiene Project in Sudan and the HIV/AIDS Initiative Project in Zambia since November 2009. Involved in emergency assistance during the Pakistan Floods and the Haiti Earthquake in 2010. (Born in Fukuoka Prefecture)
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