East Africa: Relief Supplies Distributed to 520 Families

Food Distributed in Garissa, Kenya

August 14th – Hiromi KAWANO hands cooking oil to a family that came to receive relief supplies. (All photos by Yoshifumi KAWABATA)

AAR JAPAN has been carrying out relief efforts for the areas affected by the ongoing East Africa drought. On August 14th, AAR JAPAN completed its first food distribution operation in the eastern Kenyan town of Garissa. The targeted population included 520 families who had not received any relief support, largely nomads who have been forced to move due to the drought, as well as the elderly and persons with disabilities. We handed each family a bucket filled with 5 kg of rice, 5 kg of corn, 1 kg of sugar, and 1 liter of cooking oil.This project has been made possible through generous individual donations and through a grant from Japan Platform.

The nomads normally rely on their livestock to provide them with milk to drink, selling excess animals for money. With their livestock dying in the drought, they have lost their one source of income, while the price of food has only risen.

Ms. Gurly Aldi Ibrahim (32 years old)

“I lived in Laaq Dheere, 100 km from Garissa. The well went dry, and there is no river nearby. I loaded some belongings onto a camel and, with my 4 children, came to stay with my relative in Garissa. All the livestock died. This is the first time I’ve experienced such a terrible drought.”

Mr. Abdullahi Adow (35 years old)

“I got sick at the age of 18, and since then I have needed a wheelchair. My neighbors used to help me, but because of the drought everyone is in trouble, and nobody has anything to spare. I appreciate the food you’ve provided. Thank you very much.”

August 14th - Hiromi KAWANO (right) hands out relief supplies.

August 14th – Ikuko NATORI, AAR JAPAN staff, listens to Mr. Abdullahi Adow, who is confined to a wheelchair (center)

August 14th – Food is distributed to those who need it most, especially the elderly and persons with disabilities.

August 14th - Going home with buckets provided by AAR JAPAN.

August 13th – Preparing relief supplies. Each bucket is filled with food for one family.

August 13th - Relief supplies are loaded onto a truck in Nairobi. At center is Ikuko NATORI of AAR JAPAN.

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